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Characteristics of a good leader

A leader should be self confident, to his team members. A leaders’ self confidence and calm behavior can help others feel sure that they can face hurdles and difficulties and they can easily reach a challenging goal.

The leader should be willing to share credit with others and the leader should admit that he’s not perfect. A leader should be self evaluated. He should have control over his team members and he knows what happen in his area.

A leader should be emotionally stable. A leader should be trustworthy. People trust you when your attitudes, words and motives line up with what you actually choose to do. This includes being honest about mistakes, and doing things in a proper way.

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Be yourself and act like a good leader. People will admire your work.  A leader should be enthusiastic, optimistic and warmth. A leader should be positive about his work. He should be positive for his team. The team members like the leader. A leader should have a good sense of humor. The leader should be enthusiastic in his work. A leader has a good understanding of emotions.

A leader can bring change in society by his actions. A leader should listen to his people and try to understand the problems. Leaders should see all sides of an issue and put their decisions according to the condition of the problem.

A leader should be willing to take risks on new ideas. The ideas should be innovative and creative so that the work of leader should have a good impact on society. Leaders are good communicators they communicate with the people so that they listen to all their problems and try to resolve them quickly according to the need of people.

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A leader should have the ability to listen, understand and speak clearly. Speaking skill of the leader should be appropriate. The leader should understand the issues very clearly.A leader should firm to his work. People should have trust on the leader. A leader should be approachable to his work.

A leader should have sympathy towards his people. A leader should recognize his mood, he should express his feelings in a positive way through communication. A leader should be able to feel others comfortable. A leader should release tense situation by making the people relaxed.

Strong leaders can take every responsibility. A leader should be gorgeous. Leaders should see the future needs and act according to the needs of the people. Great leaders can see fore coming situations. They can also see the rapid and quick changing.

Listening well, seeing all sides of an issue should be the first priority of a great leader. If a leader is not well educated, he can’t resolve the issues of his country. He can’t even understand the problems of his society. For this he can’t be a powerful leader of his society. He can’t manage the responsibilities of the society properly. He can’t run his job properly. A great leader should have a will, power of the whole organization to which he’s leading.