Comparative Essay Between Fairness and Utilitarianism

Fairness is beloved between the technical circles. Most of Americans show their love for fairness. Fairness is considered as one of those terms that neutral computers can perform in an effective way. The collective meaning of fairness is that we should be fair and we should not push ourselves against the assertions of unfair. In the United States and some other countries, we can see that fairness has become a battle between equality and equity. It means that all the people in society are equal and there should be equal opportunities for them to work and get success in society.

Traits of fairness

It is a fact that the only way to create fairness in a society is to ensure a system of marginalization in our society. Some essential traits of a fair-minded person are given below by essay writing services UK;

  1. A fair-minded person is rational. Rational means that he has clear and sensible thinking. Before forming an opinion about any situation, he examines that issue from both sides. Moreover, a fair-minded person also tries to make decisions on the basis of hard evidence rather than the emotions of the people.
  2. A fair-minded person is also objective. Objective means that he makes impartial judgments. These impartial judgments are free from the biasing. If he is going to make any decision, first of all, he tries to disclose all the biases relevant to that issue.
  3. A fair-minded person is also open-minded. It means that he has enough tolerance to accept all the views of the opponents. Moreover, he doesn’t try to enforce his views and ideas forcefully on others.
  4. A fair-minded person is also reasonable. Reasonable means that he tries to accept only realistic expectations about critical situations. In other words, they try to ask others to do the same things that they are performing themselves.
  5. A fair-minded person is also even-handed. Even-handed means that a fair-minded person doesn’t try to give favouritism to anyone. They try to treat with the bosses and other employees with the same tone. Moreover, if someone else is giving favouritism to him, he also denies accepting this favouritism.
  6. A fair-minded person also shows sound leadership skills. With the help of these sound leadership skills, he is able to get respect from their colleagues by providing help to them.
  7. A fair-minded person is also selfless. Selfless means that before making any decision, he doesn’t only think about his benefits but he also takes care of the benefits and losses of others. He never tries to perform such acts that can become a cause of loss for others.
  8. A fair-minded person tries to accept only rewards that he deserves. In other words, he never tries to accept any kind of undue favouritism from others.

An ethical philosophy in the society in which happiness in society is the greatest thing is known as utilitarianism. According to this philosophy, a concept is considered as right and fair if it can become a cause of happiness in society. On the other hand, if a concept can create some pains for the members of the society, this concept is known as the wrong concept. In other words, we can say that according to utilitarianism, we can decide a concept wrong or true on the basis of the circumstances of this concept. There are three basic concepts of utilitarianism in society. These concepts are explained below;

  1. According to utilitarianism, pleasure or happiness is the only thing in society that has some intrinsic values in society. Something intrinsic means that it is good in itself.
  2. According to the concept of utilitarianism, a thing or concept is right if it can promote positivity in society. On the other hand, if a thing or concept promotes negativity in society, this concept is known as the wrong concept.
  3. The concept of utilitarianism also tells us that everyone’s happiness should be counted equally.

The concept of utilitarianism may vary from one person to another person on the basis of circumstances.


The main difference between fairness and utilitarianism is that fairness means to ensure fair dealings and concepts in society. On the other hand, utilitarianism means to ensure happiness in society. The main traits of a fair-minded person that a fair-minded person is rational, objective, open-minded, selfless and even-handed. With the help of utilitarianism, we can differentiate between the right and wrong concepts. A concept is right if it can become a cause of happiness in society. On the other hand, a concept is wrong if it can become a cause of some pains in society.