Enrich Your Vocabulary to Write Your Dissertation

Write Your DissertationA PhD dissertation is not only difficult but also a very important project of a student’s academic career with requirements of hard work and of technical skills of research that is the reason why students avoid research or a dissertation. There are some students who have believed on their selves that they can not only do but also produce a new set of knowledge for theory. Having command on required language for dissertation writing is the most important skill that a student must have while writing his dissertation. Often dissertation writing service providers help students to gain these skills. Dissertation of a PhD student is of hundreds of page that requires a lot of time to write and read too. For writing this long document student requires a huge vocabulary that makes easy for reader to get the actual idea of writer and research.


Student of PhD one who has passed all levels of academia so there should be not be any doubt about his command over the language of his academic life. But a set of vocabulary required for dissertation is not an easy and common thing especially for a student who does not have the academic language as his first language. That’s why an improvement in your vocabulary is must before start writing although you will learn a lot during the writing process. It is must because without using appropriate words one cannot convey his thoughts and ideas to the audience same as he has. These are some tips not only to enhance your vocabulary but also to use the appropriate vocabulary according to your set of document;


Make It Personal:

Consider yourself a reader and find what words will be appropriate to understand the idea of a document that you are reading. It will help to find the appropriate words for writing thesis and dissertation according to requirement of your field of study and topic of research.


Use All Possible Mediums:

There are different books available on different bookstores to improve your vocabulary. Online vocabulary development practices and publications to improve word knowledge are easy to access and use for learning new words.


Understand the Root of Word:

Almost half of words of a language, as of English are from other languages like Greek or Latin, and understanding the roots language will help you to not only know the meaning of word but also the place the word in the appropriate phrase.


Use Prefixes and Suffixes:

Prefixes and suffixes not only help to make a new word but also to know the meaning of other words to make a tough research a simple one. A prefix is adding a word before an existing on like annual is word that usually is for 1 year tenure but adding a prefix can change its meaning i.e. semi, semi-annual and now the meaning is different means half of a year. Suffix is adding a word after an existing one like national is an adjective and adding suffix will change its class as nationally (national-ly) not it is an adverb with slight different meaning.


Use Dictionary and Internet:

Not use a word in your MBA dissertation writing about that you are not sure, would it be appropriate for the situation or not. So for this purpose using dictionary is appropriate mean to use the most suitable word and it is an ultimate way of learning.