How to Find a Solution When You Get a Coursework Assignment That Is Too Confusing

Therefore, you go to the stats class and there the professor assigns you the assignment on the topic of regression. He has given the values of both dependent and independent variables. The assessment has to be submitted in the next class, which in fact is on the next day. The interesting fact is that you do not like the topic of regression and you find the topic way too confusing. You have been trying your best to deal with the confusion but it will take time. Therefore, what can you do for the assignment that has been assigned and it has to be submitted in the next 26 or so hours. Here is a list of what you can do.

  1. When a tough and a confusing assignment have been assigned by the professor, the first thing is not to panic. Many students who start to panic in the assignments, in the end, fail to deliver the right assignment. Thereby in order to complete the assignment, it is important not to panic and stay in control.
  2. Ask for help. It does not hurt anyone and it does not come inexpensively. You do have to spend a lot in asking for help. You can ask your friends for help. The topics that are too confusing for you may be too easy for your friends.
  3. Ask your senior. When on campus, there is much interaction and connection with the seniors. It is very beneficial and helpful during the campus life. When the assignment has been assigned, you can get help from the seniors in many things. You can ask the overall marking schemes of the professor, as to how the marks and grades the assignment and how he scans through the assignment. This will help in completing the assignment in accordance with the marking criteria of the professor.
  4. Always get help from the professor. There is nothing wrong with asking the professor for some help. The professors are the mentors. They are not paid to assign the assignments or homework or check the exam papers. They are paid to clear the confusion of the students whenever they come up.
  5. Consult the book of stats. It is one of the best sources of help in the time of need.
  6. There are various versions, editions and kinds of stats books in the shops and online. You can always get help from a stat book that is not related to your course. The books other than the course books are seen to be of more help to the students as compared to the course books. This is because the students already become tired of the same pages and the same books. Grabbing a different book helps the student in engaging with the content and enhances learning. This also helps the students by developing an increased interest in the books other than the course books.