Motivating Non-Motivating Students

Motivating StudentsMany times, you use to encourage, praise and implore students in order to motivate students but nothing seems to change. Teachers tries to motivate students and fails to motivate un-motivating students. This is the general frustration among teachers. It is important to note that motivation means trying to convince someone to work harder in order to achieve goals. Our rebuking, persuading, coaxing, exhorting and cheering kick them into gear. Our direct actions make the differences. It rarely works with the students. Every administrator, specialist and the counselor have stock of recommendation to confer with. You are told to encourage, repeat, reward, praise all and every day.


However, true motivation that is sustaining and internal does not progress only through convincing. It is not about flattery or enthusiasm and harder significance. However, it is about inspiration. Inspiration comes within the students intrinsically rather than extrinsically. In order to motivate un-motivating students you first need to stop the flow of over the top praise and excessive praise. Stop pulling unmotivated students aside from lectures and pep talks by getting them into dissertation writing services UK. You should stop trying to use the creative words to get them going and stop talking to them about what they are capable to do themselves.


Counter intuitive alone can be seen to move many unmotivated students. This is the idea of relying on yourself. Relying on themselves will feel better and they will yield more than when prodding and pushing them along. You should give honest and plain feedback to the un-motivated students. You should not use the same manner and over the top voice that you may have used in the past to praise students. Just look down to their work, move on by saying your piece.


Teachers must be willing, ready and able to focus on motivating un-motivated students.  Many educational, social and valuable supplemental programs are available. However, supplemental programs and classroom learning have diminished value greatly if students are unwilling and ambivalent to participate. The un-motivated students are doubtful to participate in tutoring or doubtful to embrace classroom learning, traditional mentoring program or home workhelp. A motivation strategy to motivate unmotivated students require the repetitive reinforcement. If teachers want to be effective, then they must include this piece of strategy. In order to motivate un-motivated students, teachers should provide them the choice to make assignments, doing homework or project. It will help them easily choose the activity that they are more interested. Teachers should feel students that they are very competent.


Do not underestimate the abilities of students. You should always praise them for their capabilities to do their work. Encourage by saying they can do it. It will help them feel proud of themselves and perform well. You should provide positive feedback to the students in order to encourage them. The feedback is very necessary to get work done by students. However, if you will criticize the students for their work, then they will not able to perform well in the future. If you think that student is not doing well then encourage them to do better.