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Ways to boost student’s confidence

Confident students speak more, participate more and make fewer mistakes. The confident students feel easy to communicate in English; they can say what they want to say. To be  confident does not means to be accurate, it is the attitude of the students that helps to get their points across, no matter how many times they make mistakes.

One of the difficulties that teachers have to face when capable students would not able to finish the easy and simple assignment. Students who stop working due to initial difficulties, lack persistence and considered lazy and confused. Teachers should advise students to not give and keep trying; sometimes it helps to resolve the problem.

Teachers should start by activating the prior knowledge.  Students who are able to connect the previous knowledge with new learning will be able to face the learning challenges that the students who are unfamiliar with the concept in the material.

Break the longer projects and assignments into smaller components in order to make them more manageable, students would no overwhelmed and they will remain confident to make the assignment effectively.

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In order to build confidence in students’ teachers should acknowledge their contributions. Moreover, if students commit any mistake, then encourage them to learn from their mistakes. Teachers should welcome wrong answers of the students because it is the springboard to the understanding of the students. Teachers should use positive language with the students. Do not underestimate the knowledge and effort of the students. Always appreciate them on their doings. Do not behave harshly with them when they commit any mistakes. If students are working independently, encourage the small group research and independent research.

Teachers should help students’ to differ between the success and effort. Frequently, less determined students believe that good students are somehow found the work easier than they do or they are just smarter.

Teachers should provide the leadership opportunities for the students. Teachers should assign numerous tasks to the students to cultivate the sense of responsibility and independence. A teacher should set the goal that are attainable for students. You should engage students in dialogue concerning your expectations and the individual progress of the students. Teachers should provide the incentive and reward students for meeting challenges in order to persuade them to struggle for a task.

You should give constructive feedback to help students to enhance their strengths and reduce weaknesses. Remain honest with students and encourage them to address problems. Make students feel that they are very important for you.  If students commit any mistakes in their assigned task, make corrections without damaging the confidence of students.

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You should encourage students to set higher standards for them. You should build confidence in students by ensuring them that they are capable of achieving goals and complete their tasks.

You should provide continuous encouragement to the students. You should push students to improve their weaknesses and utilize their strengths.  All learning should consist of pragmatic and clear purpose. Students who know that in order to get success, they have to complete a task then he will be more willing to do because you will guide them that it will help them in the future.