How To Choose Appropriate Research Methodologies

In writing a research project, the most important and challenging question can be what the types of research methodology are? Selecting an appropriate research methodology is one of the enter factors that can make or break a research scheme. Therefore, it is most important to choose appropriate research methodologies.

If you want to choose a suitable methodology for your project, here are six tips that you should follow in order to select appropriate research methodologies.

The goal of your project

When selecting a research methodology, start with the end results. It is most important to keep in mind your research goal and first consideration. You should consider that your research project needs to accomplish some rules that you should follow. Are you looking for further information for your project?  Do you need “no-go” decisions?  Do you need to find all the information in one fell swoop? You should keep in mind these entire questions while selecting an appropriate research methodology.

Statistical significance

If you want to select a research methodology after establishing your goal, the next key factor is to consider statistical results and importance. A statistical result is the sign of high reputation on your research methodology. You need a definite, clear, black and white data-driven in your research results. You will need quantitative data and large sample size to get information about results methodology. Statistical significance is the key to choose an appropriate research methodology for your project.

Sample size

When considering your research goal, sample size often comes into play and help to select a methodology. You should consider that the size of your sample is confident in making a business decision. For example, if you are investigating price tolerance for a new product, you will be confident in the results and prefer to survey 2,000. If you need a large sample size, you should focus on the smaller –format of your groups. It is a most important tip that you should consider in selecting your research methodology.

Availability of existing information

It is another most important factor in selecting a research methodology. A final factor is the availability of existing information.  While secondary research is not customizable propriety, it is valuable research for a variety of topics. You should able to accomplish your project via secondary research sources. These are really helpful for you in selecting a research methodology. Availability of time is an important point in choosing the right method for your research method. You should give focus on this section, because, it can increase your grades.


How quickly do you need results? If you need to turn the completion of data collection, you should consider an online survey. You should use the national panel in this field for a few days. If you have a longer lead time, you should need more intensive. The project’s timing will also affect your screening and participation. It is most important to keep in mind the limit of time to select your better research methodology. A well-chosen research methodology will give your good grades.

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