What Is Good Friday

According to Christians, Jesus was crucified. Therefore, the Good Friday is celebrated as a holy event by the Christians in order to commemorate of the crucifixion of Jesus. This holy event is celebrated before the Friday of the Easter Sunday. Other names of this holy event are also Black Friday and Great Friday. If we talk about the Anglican and Catholic nations, then we come to know that Good Friday is celebrated as a national holiday in their countries. They spend this holy day in fasting and some other worship. If you don’t have any idea about Good Friday, then you can get help from experts in assignment writing services.

The historical significance of Good Friday

There are different origins are known behind the name of the Good Friday but still, we are unable to find an accurate origin of this holy event. The history of this event is derived from the 4th century. If we talk about the nomenclature of Good Friday, then we come to know that it is derived from God’s Friday.

Good Friday Facts

There are different facts behind Good Friday and some of them are given below;

  • If we talk about the tradition of Orthodox, then we come to know that for the Orthodox, this event is known as a Holy and Good Friday. In order to celebrate this Holy event, they remove the sign of the cross from their churches.
  • If we take an overview of the services on the Good Friday, then we come to know that there are two services are held on this day. First of all, is known as Tenebrae. According to this service, the Christians read some scriptures that tell them a complete story about the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus. Secondly, there comes Tre Ore. This is held from noon to 3 PM on the Holy Friday. It is believed that Jesus was crucified between these three hours.
  • On the Good Friday, as a symbol of royalty, all the churches are draped with the help of the purple cloths. This thing shows that Jesus is a Prince of Peace all around the world.
  • All the services of the Good Friday are finished by toiling the bell of a church for thirty-three
  • There are also some Roman Catholic traditions are also observed in many churches.

Things to do on Good Friday

  • There are several good movies about the biography of Jesus are released. There are also some movies about the crucifixion of Jesus. These movies should be watched on Good Friday.
  • There is also a tradition on the Good Friday that the Christians should eat hot cross buns. Therefore, to make and eat these hot cross buns is also an essential thing to do on Good Friday.
  • In order to feel sorrow on the Good Friday, you should contact with such a person who has recently suffered from a loss.
  • There is a procession is also held by the Mexico and Catholic communities. To participate in this procession is also an essential thing to do on the Good Friday.