Resources That Teachers Can Use for Distance Learning

Distance learning is an effective means of learning from a distance without actually going out or being face-to-face with the learner or the instructor. As the population continues to increase and the technology has advanced, distance learning has become a widely accepted concept and instead of wasting their time and energy on travelling and taking things from one part of the world to another, distance learning method is the right choice.

Distance learning also works very well in cases where the students and teachers are unable to interact at the same place due to distance, circumstances like bad weather or health issues. With proper use of technology and programs, distance learning can be used for homeschooling children, carrying out virtual high schools, educate people who work during the day, access people in remote areas and access experts living in other places. Not only this, but distance learning can also be used for training and teaching staff and carrying out collaborative projects and keeping an eye on the students living in far off areas.

Teachers and distance learning

Distance learning has put immense responsibilities on teachers; they already had the duty of teaching students who were coming to them in schools but distance learning is giving them a chance to access even those pupils who are unable to attend school due to any reason. Now teachers can help students complete their high school or even get a college degree without physically attending the traditional class.

Distance learning has made it possible for teachers to provide the best of knowledge and learning to their students that help them enjoy good prospects in their professional life and succeed. However, this does not make things any easy for them. Teachers are required to work hard and in case of distance learning even harder so that they can satisfy the academic needs of students and ensure that the students receive the best academic help for their intellectual growth and progress.

The biggest question that arises here is of resources; from where do the teachers collect the resources that can help them in distance learning and make this an easy and interactive prospect for students, making learning fun and exciting.

Discussed here are the top resources that can be used for distance learning by teachers most effectively to stay connected with the student and foster a better learning environment.

Google Classroom

This is one of the easiest to use as well as popular resources that provides teachers with a chance to connect with their students most effectively. This is a readily available resource for virtual classrooms and there is a lot to explore here that can make learning fun and exciting for students with its numerous features. The best thing about it is that it is free of cost which makes it very easy for students and teachers from across the globe to access it for their needs, staying updated on their curriculum and academic activities.


With this resource, the teachers can control student screens during remote instruction and help the students to remain focused on their tasks. The students can stay motivated to learn as the parents and teachers can monitor their screen all the time and also keep an eye on how they are progressing with their tasks, target and goals. The teachers can also grade and reward students very easily which makes distance learning very easy without any distraction.


This resource helps teachers to project their lessons in a group very easily and the sessions can also be recorded in case someone was not present at the time and needs to review at a later stage. With its audio and video conferencing tool as well as chat functionality, the students and teachers can interact in real time and discuss the projects very conveniently. This resource has a free as well as a paid version and can be used as per requirement.


This is a great resource as it can help to keep people in remote areas stay connected with each other with a variety of tools. The great features in this resource make it easy for students to take the essay help online and stay connected with the instructor as well as among themselves. The best thing about this resource is that teachers can use it all free of cost with lots of tips on using it as a virtual classroom.

This resource has been specially designed for teachers to promote distance learning and enables the instructors to create an easy hub for classroom activities. With this hub, the students can access all their educational resources and tools very conveniently.

Internet is offering some of the best resources that teachers can use to stay connected with their students and continue the learning process without any distraction. With the ease of access and multiple features, these resources help teachers communicate and work together with students most effectively.